Style is what boosts the emotion of a photograph. Wedding photography should be all about capturing candid moments. That's how I work, and by choosing to apply a specific style you can enhance your visual experience while revisiting cherished moments.

You will receive the standard 450 photographs in colour and black and white, followed by an option to choose an additional style for those 450 photos. The style will be applied during the editing process of your images, meaning the original photos taken by me remain untouched. 


Once you've received your individually edited photos within a matter of weeks, you may choose one of the styles below - I will send all photos with that style applied at no extra cost. 


Deep Contrast is my signature style; it's my personal favourite. You get total control over how your images are styled, ensuring your Photo-book looks exactly how you envision.

Compare my top styles below.

My  Signature  Style

Voted by our loved-up couples, I consider Deep Contrast to be the ultimate style for your Wedding Photography package with us. Strong, crisp and bold, the style really stands out whether it be on your social media profile or hung on your bedroom wall. Emotion is enhanced and the prominence of each photo is increased ten-fold. Make your memories more vivid by choosing Deep Contrast as your style.

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