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Rachael Meyer

This man is an accomplished wedding photographer and a very nice guy. He really listens to your brief, and delivers everything you want your wedding photos to be, plus a whole lot more.
He is hugely creative, both capturing and orchestrating deeply romantic shots, but also keeps a careful distance when required, collecting a range of beautiful, atmospheric, reportage images as well as setting up staged and group photos.
This enables you to focus on your day, each other and your guests, knowing that he will capture it all without it feeling like a photo shoot. His pictures really tell the story and reveal the magic of your wedding day experience, your love and commitment to each other and how much your guests enjoyed the day, together with a detailed backdrop of all the components that you and your guests experience.
He is one of the most hardworking, mature and positive photographers I know. He is extremely confident in taking charge when required and his people skills are evident, making you and your guests feel at ease in front of the camera. He has built a fantastic portfolio and I would definitely recommend his services as your wedding photographer.

Rachael Meyer
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