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Plan of Action

Updated: 6 days ago

  1. Keep reminding yourself of God. He's making this happen. Virtuous life. Stay humble.

  2. Surround yourself with the energy you want and desire to reach your goals

  3. Continue to develop my skillset for Operating

  4. Take the time to bond with DoPs and Directors. Go for drinks etc. They will get you work

  5. Build knowledge of Directors, DoPs, CamOps and Films including Year on IMDb


  • Develop communication and people management skills, bring the best out of my team, be a good problem solver, three cameras isn't better than two

  • Be a 'Yes and' personality. Be open to ideas. It's not about me, it's about the Director and the story.

  • Think of the Director's personality and ensure I match their vision

  • Do favours and work for less or nothing if required

  • Most important thing on set: time. Complete the day. Don't do too much.

  • Get to CVP and play with Geared Head, Cameras, Technocrane (if they have one), Wheels etc


  • Research the latest technology, cameras, studios, rigs

  • Learn Menu inside out for Venice, ALEXA and RED cameras

  • Read the ACO Newsletter, BSC, Empire, Magazine, Industry articles

  • Watch YouTube videos on the latest technology

  • Educate myself on everything camera-related

  • Watch films, series, TV shows etc

  • Message ACO members and introduce myself etc


  • Break into OBs / Sport. Money for Steadicam.

  • Max Rijavec and Optical Support for intensive 2-day Steadicam course, £990

  • Master Black-Tek wheels

  • Learn to DoP for Short Films as soon as you can

  • Produce more Shorts between blocks of Doctors on A Cam

  • Learn to use the Ronin 4D at Doctors while I have access to it

  • Learn to use the track and jib during lunch/after work on Doctors

  • DoP/Camera Operate on more Short Films, with Ffilm Wales etc

  • Perfect Showreel, get some action shots etc

  • Learn the skill of Steadicam and the Wheels

  • Master distances for focus and lens choice

  • Play around with DOP Camera control unit. Learn it, take photos

  • Call and email every single OB company and news network / local station in the UK.

  • Practice using and reading Waveforms and Vectorscopes. Make WFM reading second-nature

  • Call Camera Operators I worked with on Casualty and beyond


  • Join a Diary Service

  • Purchase a Steadicam, if required

  • Offer Camera Operating services with Steadicam, Ronin 4D, Drone and Wheels

  • Produce CONFUSION (Omar's Feature Film, get funding)

  • Become Full ACO Member

  • Get into the Guild of British Camera Technicians

  • Become a SOC Member after at least 5 years

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