Lockdown to Settle-down

Updated: Oct 7

Any couple who agrees to get married during an international pandemic have sheer determination and refuse to let anything get in the way of their own chemistry. Luke and Vicky are exactly that: determined. The wedding may have featured fewer guests than known typically, but it certainly wasn't anti-climactic, for love is the real measure of a wedding.

Today was a special day for them because it marks their 10 year anniversary. 3650 days together, 3650 days of growth and 3650 days of companionship and friendship far overpowers a few months of Coronavirus working its way across the globe.

In the beautiful town of Harrogate, Vicky and Luke said their vows to finally seal the pact after one whole decade.

I met the couple in secondary school - they attended King James' School in Knaresborough as did I. First hand, I witnessed Luke and Vicky growing closer in friendship to eventually form a relationship. From day one, my entire school year seemed somewhat jealous of the purity of their relation. What a beautiful sight to see them both again still loved up like during those education days.

Thanks for letting me be part of the magic!

Please enjoy a small selection of photos below.

The day began with a small group of friends, and the groom, arriving outside Bilton House in Harrogate. Although the sun wasn't shining, smiles were most certainly in the air.

The arrival of the bride and her immediate family signalled the start of the ceremony.

It may have felt bizarre walking down an alleyway in order to enter the building, but with a one-way system in light of Coronavirus prevention, it was a necessity.

No wedding is complete without a group shot of everybody who attended. Although limited in many ways, we still went ahead and snapped it!

A smile on both Vicky and Luke's face proved that getting married during a pandemic certainly was not a bad idea. Marriage has always been and should always remain nothing more than a pact between the bride and groom, or rather husband and wife. It's a sealant of eternal love and companionship. Here's to the next ten years. Cheers!

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