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Lion Agenda

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

  1. Keep reminding yourself of Greatness.

  2. Produce 100 SECONDS and then CONFUSION (Omar's Feature Film, get funding)

  3. Learn or start learning Self-Defence/Martial Art over Xmas. Krav Maga or another.

  4. Call and email every single OB company and news network / local station in the UK. I'll get one job for sure. Maybe send CV in post. Make it personal?

  5. Become Associate ACO Member

  6. Meet with Nathan O Kelly and learn to rig/build and use Steadicam

  7. Master distances for focus and lens choice

  8. Play around with DOP Camera control unit. Learn it, take photos, what each button

  9. Practice using and reading Waveforms and Vectorscopes. Make WFM reading second-nature

  10. Join a Diary Service

  11. Take the time to bond with Directors and DoPs (Andy Parkinson)

  12. Learn to use the Ronin 4D at Doctors while I have access to it

  13. Learn to use the track during lunch/after work on Doctors

  14. Call Camera Operators I worked with on Casualty and beyond

  15. Call Production Managers and Producers like Matt McHale (now Senior Producer on Casualty) and Catrin Lewis Defis (Geronimo Producer)

  16. Continue to develop my skillset for Operating

  17. Get into the Guild of British Camera Technicians and ACO

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