Each image tells a story, and everything within the frame contributes to it. From the startled expression of an infant to the twinkling smile of their grandmother, every subtle moment is rendered an invaluable addition to a Wedding Photography album. I capture everything with a candid approach. Nothing staged, apart from your desired formal photographs and any extra creative shots you dream of. I'll be with you all the way.

What makes me  different 


I ensure that I fit in. By the time the vows have been read, I will have spoken to most of your guests. Building trust and friendship with as many people as possible from the off gives me an advantage over the average wedding photographer. When people are comfortable with the photographer, they are psychologically more open to having photos taken. Tense shoulders drop and smiles start blossoming.

Above all else, what makes me successful with my much-loved approach is how it enables me to capture the most intimate of moments. Shooting with a 35mm lens, I am forced to physically move closer to the subject(s) of the frame. Don't worry, I am taking all the required precautions during the Coronavirus pandemic, and remain a 2-metre radius from any individual. As a result of being closer, however, the photos themselves retain more of an impactive nature. I don't believe in shooting with a telephoto lens while positioning myself at the back of the room. Such a technique is passive; I prefer to be part of the environment. The feel of my images is proof it works.

No Wedding is too  far 


During the last two years, I have covered Weddings all over the country, from Durham to Cambridge. Don't think that's my limit, though. I am always happy to travel further afield, whether it be within the parameters of the United Kingdom, or abroad. The sky really is the limit when it comes to location shooting. 

The small  details  matter

Not only do I promise to capture the important moments and smiles on people's faces, but I believe that including the small details is crucial to producing a complete wedding album. From a close-up of the bride's shoes to a dramatic exterior of the venue, I will be sure to feature it in your final collection of images.


Public  Albums 

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