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Graham Hebron ASSOC ACO

Award-winning Cinematographer & Professional Camera Operator

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1. Superior Image Quality

  • 6K Full-Frame Sensor: The FX9 features a 6K full-frame sensor that allows for capturing high-resolution images. Even though it outputs in 4K, the oversampling from 6K to 4K results in sharper, more detailed images with improved color fidelity.

  • Dual Base ISO: The dual base ISO of 800 and 4000 allows for better performance in low light conditions, reducing noise and maintaining image quality in various lighting scenarios.


2. Dynamic Range and Color Science

  • 15+ Stops of Dynamic Range: This provides greater latitude in post-production, preserving details in both highlights and shadows, which is crucial for high-contrast scenes.

  • S-Cinetone and S-Log3: These color profiles offer flexibility for color grading, with S-Cinetone providing a cinematic look straight out of the camera and S-Log3 allowing for extensive post-processing.


3. Autofocus System

  • Fast Hybrid AF System: The advanced autofocus system with face detection and real-time tracking ensures sharp focus, which is particularly beneficial for dynamic scenes or documentary-style shooting.


4. Versatile Recording Options

  • Multiple Recording Formats: The FX9 supports a range of recording formats, including XAVC-I, XAVC-L, and MPEG HD. This flexibility allows production teams to choose the best format for their workflow and budget.

  • High Frame Rates: The ability to shoot at up to 120 fps in HD or 60 fps in 4K allows for smooth slow-motion effects, enhancing the visual appeal of action sequences.


5. Ergonomics and Design

  • Modular Design: The camera's modular design makes it adaptable for various shooting scenarios, whether it's handheld, on a gimbal, or mounted on a rig.

  • Robust Build Quality: Built for professional use, the FX9 is durable and reliable, capable of withstanding the rigors of different shooting environments.


6. Advanced Connectivity and Workflow Integration

  • Timecode and Genlock: These features make the FX9 suitable for multi-camera productions, ensuring synchronization across multiple units.

  • Advanced Metadata: Metadata recording options facilitate smoother post-production workflows, making it easier to manage and edit footage.


7. Audio Capabilities

  • Professional Audio Inputs: The camera includes XLR inputs and supports 4-channel audio recording, ensuring high-quality sound capture, which is essential for professional productions.


8. Lens Compatibility

  • E-Mount Flexibility: The Sony E-mount system is compatible with a wide range of lenses, including cinema lenses, which allows for creative flexibility in visual storytelling.


9. Post-Production Efficiency

  • High-Quality Proxy Recording: Simultaneous recording of high-quality proxies can speed up the editing process, allowing for quicker turnaround times without sacrificing final image quality.


10. Industry Recognition and Support

  • Widespread Industry Use: Being a popular choice among professional cinematographers, the FX9 benefits from a large user base and extensive online resources, including tutorials, forums, and professional support.


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Award-winning Cinematographer.

Lighting Camera Operator and FX9 Owner.


Specialising in Film & TV drama, live broadcast, documentaries and commercials.

Former 1st AC. Enthusiastic, respectful, inclusive and disciplined. Steadicam Trained.





Hassan experiences trauma while searching for a better life. His trust in faith begins to fade as life-changing events begin to happen unexpectedly. With time, it all becomes clear why. He's reassured that everything happens for a reason. True success isn't what he thought it to be.

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Producer of several 10-minute features that were broadcast on ESPN in the Caribbean between innings of the CG United Super50 Cup cricket tournament in Trinidad & Tobago.

I also produced this montage, which was broadcast during the live final in November 2023. The role included researching, shooting, comprehensive editing and delivery, plus a huge amount of creative input.



AfroBritish Films & 76mm Productions presents 100 Seconds.


With the ambition of turning his life around, Gibson contemplates calling the number of an institution he was given months ago by a familiar face. Surrendering himself to a new way of life, he soon realises the brutal consequences of his actions.

Soon to be released.

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Daytime continuing drama with over 1.5 million viewers per episode. Over 50 credited episodes.


I worked with the Director and DoP to capture the best coverage for each scene. Included liaising with artistes, co-operating with lighting and sound, self-focusing at T2.8 on focal lengths up to 100mm, operating the Ronin 4D for dynamic shots and using a slider to adjust/track.



Harrogate is one of the most beautiful towns in the North of England. Situated on the doorstep of the Dales, this historic spa town is home to Yorkshire Tea, Harlow Carr, Turkish Baths and a World War Cenotaph, a memorial dedicated to the local heroes of World War I and II. There's so much to see here.

Welcome to Harrogate.



In March 2023, I was commissioned to light and shoot a commercial for an established personal trainer in the North of England. The brief was to capture the intense vibe and good-value aspect of group sessions and one-to-one training by capturing real clients perform typical exercises.

Directed by: Dave Ward