Experienced 1st AC / Focus Puller in Llandudno

Experienced 1st of continuing drama and short films with camera operator experience on documentaries, live broadcast and commercials. Over six complete years of camera assisting with 11 credited episodes of BBC Casualty as a Focus Puller under my belt. Operated for Sky and ITV Studios.

Charismatic, passionate, respectful, committed, ambitious, and a real team player.

Arcade Joystick

MARCH 2022

Focus Puller

Bowling Alley

Geronimo (Short Film)

Written and directed by experienced actor Geraint Morgan, this short film pushes the boundaries of cinematography and narrative into the land of bonkers. The perfect balance between funny and serious, working on Geronimo has been one of the highlights of my career so far.

Currently in post-production.

Directed by: Geraint Morgan

Director of Photography: Jamie Walker



Focus Puller

Church Interior

Sin Eater (Short Film)

Up to roughly the 19th century, there was is a ritual commonly associated with Wales called Sin Eating. A sin-eater is a person who consumes a ritual meal in order to spiritually take on the sins of a deceased person.


This film is based on that ritual and was filmed in a chapel near Swansea.

Currently in post-production.

Directed by: Oliver Gabe

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JUNE 2021 - JANUARY 2022

1st AC / Focus Puller

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Screen Shot 2021-12-05 at 08.29.12.png

BBC Casualty

Prime-time BBC One programme Casualty has been running for more than 35 series and still going strong attracting 3 million viewers each Saturday evening. My role as 1st AC has included working with a variety of Directors, DoPs and Production Managers.


Comprehensive understanding of camera equipment including ARRI Alexas and associated systems including the WCU4 and SXU kit and Teradeks. Leadership and other department protocols followed: helping to book kit, maintaining kit and focusing on Zeiss Ultra Primes & Fujinon Aluras as wide as T1.9.

Credited Episodes: 11 broadcasted

S36 E7: Broken | S36 E10: Blinded | S36 E11: Two Minutes

S36 E14: Remember Me: Part One | S36 E15: Part Two

S36 E16: Handcuffs | S36 E17: She's My Baby | S36 E20: Ena

S36 E21: The Choice DoPs: Jaz Castleton, John Bretherton, Sam Thomas, Tom Hines, Chris Ramage, Rory Taylor

Corrie Set 2


Camera Operator

ITV Corrie: Race to the Rovers LIVE

Jason Manford presented this online event during the Coronavirus Pandemic to attract a younger audience to Coronation Street on ITV. My role was to operate and focus one of the main cameras, positioned on the famous Street while four famous faces from the programme battled against each other to win the show.

The online event attracted over 10,000 unique viewers and ran for one hour. I also set up the camera for Jason Manford, which was locked off due to social distancing measures.

Directed by: Claire Hoang, Digital Executive Producer for ITV



Camera Operator

Opera North's Fidelio Livestream

Broadcast LIVE from Leeds Town Hall, Beethoven's Fidelio was performed by the mind-blowing talent of Opera North. Filmed on Sony 3500s, I operated one of 6 cameras while following a shooting script with shots called by the script supervisor and cut live by BAFTA award-winning Director Peter Maniura.

The event was streamed to the Opera North's ON DEMAND website due to the lack of live audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Directed by: Peter Maniura

Camera Supervisor: Keith Jacobsen

Corrie Set.jpeg

August 2019

Camera Operator

ITV Coronation Street - Ep #9845

Although usually a camera assistant on ITV Coronation Street, I was given an incredible opportunity to operate for the nations' favourite soap for one scene.

Only having gained the trust as a worthy, capable, enthusiastic member of the camera department for 3 years was I able to shine on camera. Operated on a studio pedestal in the Speed Daal set, I was praised for my competency and professionalism after the scene.

Directed by: Gill Wilkinson



Lighting Cameraman

Fords of Winsford TV Ads

Fords of Winsford is the North West of England's largest car supermarket and has been going strong for decades.

A set of two adverts shot in a hired supermarket within 4 hours including re-dressing of the aisles and lighting. For efficiency, I lit the environment flat with Kino Flos. I shot the supermarket sections with a Sony FS7 under the direction of the Producer's storyboard. Creative input was welcome. Broadcast prime time on ITV.

Producer / Director: Paul Smith


NOVEMBER 2016 - APRIL 2021

Camera Assistant

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 17.42.22.png

ITV Coronation Street

ITV Coronation Street has broadcasted for over 60 years and streams up to 6 episodes per week. My role as Camera Assistant included the occasional step-up to operator, but mostly maintaining equipment, fibre optic cable management, video village operations and being a reliable assistant to each operator in studio, on The Street and on location.

ITV Emmerdale

Emmerdale operates in a very similar way to Coronation Street.

Channel 4 Hollyoaks

In addition to the typical camera assistant duties described above, the experienced crew at Hollyoaks taught me how to use the clapperboard. Gripping was also included in an assistants role.

Credited Episodes: Multiple

Lighting Directors: Chris Chisnall, Lee Harrison, Paul Burton, Chris Barroccu, Chris Ramage, Lawrence Jones, plus more.


2014 - 2017

Bachelor of Arts Degree


First-class award in BA (Hons) Digital Photography & TV Production. Studied on the Warrington Campus (media-based) and the course's final year featured modules such as production, curation and exhibition, production & directing, news, business, and non-broadcast production.


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Steadicam & Drone Focusing

ARRI Alexas, FX9, 3500s, S1, GH5, GoPro, A7S

Experienced in Lighting

Managing Hired Kit

DJI Ronin R2 Technician

Professional Photographer for 10 years

Leadership & Communication

Calm & Confident Presence




  • ARRI Alexa (Classic, Mini)

  • Sony FS7, A7S & A7III, 4300, 3500, FX6

  • Black Magic Pocket 6K

  • Panasonic S1

  • GH5s

  • GoPro

Focus & Wireless

  • WCU-4

  • Preston

  • RT Motion

  • Nucleus-M, Nano

  • Vaxis

  • Hollylands

  • Freefly Pilot

  • Teradek Bolt 1000, ServPro, Link, Array


  • Ronin R2 technician

  • Ronin RS2, S

  • Crane 3s

  • DJI Mini 2 Drone

  • MOVI Carbon

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Me with ARRI.jpg

"Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes."

Robert Altman